What you'll need before you begin

  1. Legal Document - In order for the CYC to issue an ID Card, proper legal documentation must be provided for each cardholder - acceptable documentation must show the birth date and/or age of the applicant. One of the following must be provided:
  2. Portrait Photo - A portrait photo is required for every ID card. Read how to select a good portrait image.
  1. Coaching ID Number - All coaches are required to provide their coaching ID number in order to obtain an ID card. Your number will be listed of your certificate, when you have completed the on line coach's training program. Your information that you have completed the course, is transferred to the CYC ID Card database, within 24 hours of you completing the course.  You will need to wait the 24 hours before you can apply for your card, as your number will not be recognized by the system until then.
    If you had a number in the past and do not remember it, or if you are a high school age team coach, click 'Request ID number'