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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do ID Cards cost?
ID Cards cost $5.

How long will it take for me to receive my ID card?

Usually within 24-48 hours, Monday-Friday.  We do not process cards on weekends. 

Do I need to order more than one card?

No. ID cards are now sent as an image file so you can share the file with all of your child's coaches. If you need the image file sent to you again, please contact our office.

For what are ID cards used?
CYC Photo ID cards are required for participation in any of the CYC sports leagues, for coaches and players.

What if I have a problem while paying on PayPal?
If you have a problem while paying on PayPal, your card information is still saved on the ID Card website - just click on the 'View your shopping cart' link in the "Shopping cart" section on the left side of the site. You can then restart the process of paying via PayPal. Other problems may need to be dealt with through PayPal directly.

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