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Important Notes

·         As of August 1, 2020, all ID cards are sent as an image file to your email

·         Youth Cards

o    Need to be updated each school year, unless your old physical card has not expired yet

o    Only 1 card order is necessary as you can share the image file

·         Coach Cards

o    Coaches can use their old physical card or the electronic version.  Neither expire.

o    Coaches 18 years of age and over will need a Coach’s ID number which can be found on your coach’s certificate from Coaching to Make a Positive Difference or online at https://playcyc.org/coach/training-programs/ using the Coach Requirement checker.

§  Coach numbers can take 1-3 days to show up in our system and may not be recognized by the card system for at least 24 hours.

o    Youth Coaches can apply for a youth card if they do not already have one, no coaching ID is required, but they must be listed as a coach on the roster.  

·         Card Process

o    After you submit a picture and document, we will approve or deny your card.  Denials are due to incorrect information provided or pictures. Once approved an email is sent stating your card is “in process”. 

o    You will then receive an email with your receipt and an attachment of the ID card.  Save the file to share with your child’s coach or print out later. 


·         Common Error Messages

o    Use a computer or laptop to apply for your ID and not a "mobile" device  (The CYC ID card system does not recognize mobile devices - cellphones, tablets, etc.)

o    Coach numbers can take 1-3 days to show up in our system and may not be recognized by the card website until uploaded into our database.

o    Coaches - When you enter your name, you must enter it EXACTLY as you had typed it in when you REGISTERED for the coaching course via the Coaching Coaches registration.

o    If you have not received your card within 5 days of placing your order, please contact the CYC Office at (314) 792-7253, 7254, or 7255.  AOL and YAHOO email addresses often have issues accepting our emails.  Please check your junk/spam box, try another email address, or browser.


It is preferred that coaches have printed copies of all player and coach ID cards for games.

All players and coaches should have had their ID Cards by the beginning of their sport season.  

First, you need to create an account Or, if you already have an account

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What do I need to apply for an ID card?

To apply for an ID card, you'll need a portrait photo of the card applicant and a legal document showing their date of birth. Coaches will also need to provide their coach ID number. (read more...)

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