PLEASE NOTE: As of January 2014, PARTICIPANTS in ALL SPORTS  (PLAYERS IN ALL GRADES and ALL COACHES ) are required to have CYC ID Cards.

CYC ID card requests have increased due to the new requirement which requires all players, regardless of age, to have ID cards.

Reminder, all coaches must have a CYC ID card, also.  Coaches 18 years of age and over will need a Coach’s ID number which can be found on your coach’s certificate.  This is obtained once you have completed the CYC Coach’s Training program.

Coaches who are under 18 years of age must read and sign the Minor's Code of Ethical Conduct and return it to their Parish Office. They can use their CYC Youth ID Card, but the roster must reflect that they are a youth coach. They do not need a coaching ID number.

After your card order has been approved, you will receive an email stating that your card is “in process.”

When you place your order, the email with your receipt has a link to your temporary waiver. Please be sure to print out the waiver. This waiver acts as a substitute for the ID card and is good for three weeks from the date you placed your order.

Our staff is working as quickly and efficiently as possible to approve, print, and mail out the CYC cards.

If you have not received your card within 14-17 days of placing your order, please contact the CYC Office at (314) 792-7256.

All players and coaches should have had their ID Cards by the beginning of their sport season.  If you have a special circumstance please contact your parish sport director.  Your parish sport director needs to forward your circumstance to the District Sport Chair.

PLEASE NOTE: The fastest way to get your Coaching ID # (which you need to order an Adult-Coach card) is to ask for the Certificate when you complete the online Coaching to Make a Positive Difference class.  Your Coaching ID # is on the certificate.

Your information that you have completed the course is transferred to the CYC ID Card database within 24 hours of you completing the course.  You will need to wait the 24 hours before you can apply for your card, as your number will not be recognized by the system until then.

If you get an error message when applying for your Coaches ID Card, please keep in mind the following:

  • You must use a computer or laptop to apply for your ID and not a "mobile" device  (The CYC ID card system does not recognize mobile devices - cellphones, tablets, etc.)

  • When you enter your name, you must enter it EXACTLY as you had typed it in when you REGISTERED for the coaching course via the Coaching Coaches registration.

  • Finally, if you successfully complete the two items above and you still have an issue, please try a DIFFERENT browser.

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What do I need to apply for an ID card?

To apply for an ID card, you'll need a portrait photo of the card applicant and a legal document showing their date of birth. Coaches will also need to provide their coach ID number. (read more...)

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